More efficient IT throughout the lifecycle

As a modern, dynamic organization, you need a server infrastructure that supports maximum productivity, cost-effectiveness, and agility in the face of rapidly changing business requirements. Fujitsu servers PRIMERGY deliver all of this to organizations of all sizes in an affordable, customizable and quickly to deploy package. In addition, our innovative energy-saving technology enables you to reduce operational costs and minimize your environmental footprint.

PRIMERGY Micro Servers


Fujitsu PRIMERGY MX micro servers: uncomplicated, reliable and affordable. By making IT easy and affordable, Fujitsu lets small businesses concentrate on reaching their full business potential.

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PRIMERGY Blade Servers


To stay competitive, your business needs an IT environment that drives success through cost reduction, maximum performance and enhanced agility. PRIMERGY Blade Servers help you achieve this for your midsize organization, branch office or large data center.

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PRIMERGY Rack Servers


Simplified operation, enhanced quality and faster productive deployment thanks to our supply model and build-to-order process are the primary advantages of our PRIMERGY RX rack servers and can be integrated in PRIMECENTER racks with common infrastructure.

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PRIMERGY Tower Servers


PRIMERGY TX tower servers provide SMEs and branch offices with the perfect combination of record-breaking performance, outstanding energy efficiency, rock-solid reliability and investment protection.

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Scale out Servers


The PRIMERGY CX Cloud eXtension servers are Fujitsu´s platform for Cloud computing, HPC High Performance Computing, Service Provider and large scale-out computing server farms. They focus on providing large datacenters with massive scale-out x86 server power while at the same time delivering new datacenter economics for server density, energy consumption, heat optimization and lower overall operational costs.

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PRIMERGY Rack Technology


The 19-inch PRIMECENTER Racks are the basis for rack configurations, such as server, storage systems as well as operating controls, such as consoles, switches, power distribution units (PDUs) and uninteruptible power supplies (UPS).

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Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY-based solutions


Clusters for business-critical applications Enterprise business processes running on Intel-based servers deliver real benefits.

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High Performance Computing

Speed is Money! Reducing time-to-market is critical for profitability in many industries and HPC is a critical tool to ensure competitiveness. To meet the  requirements today and in future, Fujitsu offers scalable HPC architectures: from x86 CELSIUS workstations to x86 PRIMERGY servers up to PRIMEHPC FX10. Our “ready-to-go” HPC cluster concept guarantees shortest time-to-production and the HPC Portal simplifies the daily business use of HPC.

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PRIMERGY Energy Efficient


Reduce the power consumption of your IT infrastructure

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Server Virtualization


To provide you with an appropriate solution for any of your requirements Fujitsu cooperates closely with all market leaders regarding server virtualization.

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Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY – System Management


Intelligent, easy-to-use system management. Enhance productivity with the Fujitsu Software ServerView Suite.

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PRIMERGY Operating Systems

This is the age of e-business: Digital infrastructures are increasingly becoming the indispensable backbone supporting worldwide eBusiness processes. To ensure reliability and high availability, Fujitsu provides you with computing systems one can trust!

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PRIMERGY Benchmark


We detail the results of standardized benchmarks run on every system in the PRIMERGY server family. These reports not only verify the superb performance of our PRIMERGY platforms, but can also help you select a specific server system and configuration.

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