Combining the power of Intel® Xeon® E7 family processors, the standard specifications of Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and the wealth of market solutions with innovative fault immune system architecture for highest availability and business continuity, Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 provide a new operational efficiency for business critical computing with truly open standards. Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 hereby meet the demands of customers to expand the reach of open industry standards to include mission critical enterprise operation.



Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 1800 E2 servers deliver maximum system uptime, performance and data integrity as required from true enterprise platforms for mission critical computing. They support global standard x86 Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems and add up outstanding platform reliability, error prevention and self-healing capabilities which Fujitsu have refined over generations of highly reliable Mainframe and Unix systems, on top of Intel® Xeon® standard server capabilities.