Mainframes are outstandingly suited as central high-performance systems to precisely meet the demand in the server pool of modern data centers.
When it comes to handling large quantities of data, economically supporting numerous end users and at the same time ensuring permanent availability the BS2000/OSD Mainframe technology is an important component in dynamic infrastructures.

BS2000/OSD mainframes are more than just servers: they are a complete and autonomous IT infrastructure for your applications providing the rock-solid heartbeat for your data center.

Software Products


Fujitsu covers with its BS2000/OSD software product portfolio all relevant data center topics.

Business Servers


When it comes to enterprise systems, BS2000/OSD-based business servers set the standard for maximum availability and cost effectiveness.



We have storage, network connections, printers and more to enhance and expand the performance and abilities of your mainframes



BS2000/OSD has been taking care of business and helping it adapt for three decades. Find out what’s in store for the future.

Concepts and Solutions


We’ve been thinking about how to get the most out of mainframes, coming up with novel and viable visions for a variety of application scenarios.



So that you are free to concentrate on your core business, we provide you with a complete range of services.