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Desktop PCs

Fujitsu presents a range of PCs characterized by high ergonomic standards, sophisticated product concepts and the best value.

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Mobile Devices

Fujitsu‘s wide product range helps you to meet today‘s requirements. The products offer highest reliability, security and ease of use features.

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Zero Clients

The Zero Client is a revolutionary new way of supplying standard office applications to your business.

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Thin Clients

Individual, reliable, efficient – and simple: Fujitsu offers the ideal platform to tailor your desktop devices to your business needs.

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CELSIUS workstations from Fujitsu are leading-edge IT equipment for demanding applications. They are highly expandable and feature class leading low noise emissions, excellent performance and long product life cycles.

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Enabling a convenient and efficient environment for office and home, Fujitsu offers the perfect display for every customer. Our models provide exceptional picture performance, ultra fast response times, excellent ergonomics and power saving solutions.

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A great variety of Fujitsu accessories is available to make the user‘s day. Data storage, carrying cases, multimedia, connectivity, anti-theft

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Microsoft® Operating Systems

Fujitsu systems’ are ideally suited to run Microsoft’s new operating system Windows® 7

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