SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse Accelerator enables more flexible queries, faster responses, and lower cost of operation.

Put Your Intelligence to Work

The total amount of data being produced and stored is constantly growing. All the while, organizations are expected to deliver analytical real-time insights more and more quickly. Managing large volumes of data has historically meant sacrificing either performance or process flexibility, or both. Now, however, the BW Accelerator overcomes this dilemma and enables real-time insight for all of your employees – all at once.

Data You Can See and Apply

The BW Accelerator is an amazing analytical engine for boosting performance. It sifts and sorts massive amounts of data to provide up-to-the-minute management information. In the past, data was compartmentalized in the process that created it, and could lead to one hand not knowing what the other was doing.

The BW Accelerator solution from Fujitsu puts an end to this problem. This comprehensive infrastructure solution allows even several terabytes of data to be analyzed in a matter of seconds and helps users gain real-time insight into their organization that they can leverage to give their business the decisive edge. PRIMERGY BX620 blade servers and NetApp FAS Storage Systems ensure that the BW Accelerator achieves maximum performance and outstanding value for your money. Since it is preinstalled and pretested, the solution can be up and running quickly. As part of the offering, there is also an extensive range of BW services for the seamless integration of the solution into your BW environment.

New: Support for the New-Generation BW Accelerator

Enterprises have to be able to find answers to their questions quickly and easily. SAP® BusinessObjects Explorer, the accelerated version for SAP NetWeaver BW, allows users to do just that with an intuitive search screen. Data can be found using keywords and business-critical questions answered without any special training or prior know-how.
BW Accelerator Infrastructure from Fujitsu also supports this accelerated version.

New: The Entry-Level Package from Fujitsu

Fujitsu can now provide an optimized BW Accelerator Infrastructure as an entry-level package with a very good price/performance ratio. The package is designed for customers with more moderate needs and growth expectations.