Unlock Your Full Potential with FlexFrame for SAP

SAP infrastructures are increasingly faced with fast-changing business requirements and the resulting high demand for flexible provisioning of computing and storage resources. Static IT environments with interminable adaption phases to changing needs, low resource utilization and high complexity for ensuring high-availability can easily become a competitive disadvantage.

FlexFrame® for SAP® – as an end-to-end operating concept for service-oriented SAP infrastructure – enables the consolidation of SAP applications on industry standard platforms delivering a high quality of service. The pre-integrated delivered solution dynamically assigns servers to SAP applications on demand. The infrastructure can grow in small steps without unnecessary pre-investment and reduces installation and maintenance efforts dramatically. Such a highly agile solution enables easy scalability of server and applications during operation. Central management, high-availability and disaster recovery are integrated components. Further efficiency advantages result from the integration of leading VMware® virtualization technology which can run each SAP application on any physical or virtual server within the server-pool, thus enabling a higher degree of HW utilization.

FlexFrame for SAP is worldwide the first offering with integration of physical and virtual machines – certified as Adaptive Computing Compliant by SAP.