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The faster the world of business changes, the more important that IT strategy and business strategy go hand in hand. Fujitsu offers you comprehensive support and solutions for application innovation, IT infrastructure optimization, efficient infrastructure operation and business intelligence.

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As a SAP Global Partner for technology, service and hosting, we provide companies with seamless support at the application and IT infrastructure levels, implementation and operation of SAP systems, strategic consulting and ongoing improvement of business processes. Solutions and services from Fujitsu enable companies to set new standards for their SAP operations. Our complete solutions for the development and support of your SAP landscape, are based on industry standards and our best practices, and deliver several important benefits:

  • More flexible SAP operations
  • Significant reduction in costs
  • Improvement in the quality of services without the need for highly qualified SAP specialists
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FlexFrame® for SAP®

FlexFrame for SAP is a pre-integrated and highly efficient IT infrastructure that dynamically assigns servers to SAP applications on demand.

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SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse Accelerator

Turn your data into knowledge within seconds with our BW Accelerator Infrastructure solution.

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The Fujitsu SAP HANA Infrastructure solution enables businesses to analyze their business operations in real-time.

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