Excellent products for your IT

Fujitsu offers a full range of highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers.



A full range of servers for datacenters and departments

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Fujitsu follows storage projects from the initial idea through the planning stage right up to successful implementation.

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Desktops & Notebooks


Fujitsu‘s wide product range helps you to meet today‘s requirements.

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Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions typically consist of various IT components and combine them to serve specific usage scenarios. Decades of experience and collaboration with leading software vendors have enabled us to offer platform-specific as well as platform-independent operating and management solutions and frameworks that provide best-in-class quality.

Dynamic Infrastructures for Oracle

Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company, and Fujitsu Technology Solutions, the leading European IT infrastructure provider, have been collaborating closely for about two decades. Our customers can enjoy integrated end-to-end solutions from the application to the IT infrastructure stack. This makes Fujitsu Technology Solutions the natural choice for optimizing your Oracle infrastructure.

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Dynamic Infrastructures for SAP

The faster the world of business changes, the more important is that IT strategy and business strategy go hand in hand. Fujitsu offers you comprehensive support and solutions for application innovation, IT infrastructure optimization, efficient infrastructure operation and business intelligence.

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