BCC Services is a system integrator with a long business tradition and experience in the implementation, maintenance and professional services for complete business critical solutions. Abbreviation BCC stands for “Business Critical Computing” which visualizes business vision and ambition. BCC Services offers solutions based on equipment and solutions from world renowned manufacturers, supplemented with our expertise and experience.

BCC Services operates in Croatia since 1969, initially under the name of ICL, later as Fujitsu Services and from year 2004 onwards as BCC Services. The company initially operated through agents and from the year 1990, as soon as it was legally possible, directly, by forming the fully owned local company, ICL d.o.o. This was the first local subsidiary of some global IT company.
In April 2002, ICL was reorganised at the global level and changed its name to Fujitsu Services. From that moment onwards, the Croatian office also operated under the name Fujitsu Services d.o.o. In the year 2003, the local management acquired control of the company, and at the beginning of 2004, based on the contract with the parent company, Fujitsu Services d.o.o. become a totally local owned company. However, the Company still operates observing the standards and the procedures of the original parent company.
In September 2007 were formed subsidiaries BCC Services d.o.o. Split and BCC Services d.o.o. Belgrade. BCC Services d.o.o. Sarajevo was founded in July 2009.
BCC Services has a clear vision of business, and it was always based on a complete solution that enables efficient delivery of complex IT solutions with total cost reduction and improved return on investment. Our goal is to deliver high quality services to our customers without compromising quality and efficiency.
As a company that specializes in providing professional services, BCC Services employs professional and highly educated people. In order to provide quality services, BCC Services constantly invests in professional development, education and training of its employees.