BCC implemented KTM for invoice processing automation in INA

BCC implemented KTM for invoice processing automation in INA

INA, the largest oil company in Croatia, extended existing functionalities of incoming invoices scanning, registration, approving, archiving and SAP integration invoices with Kofax Transformation Modules which provide automatic data extraction and classification.

INA – ISAS (Invoice Scaning and Approval System)

INA – ISAS is designed to support the process of digitalization, registration, automatic classification and data extraction, validation and approval of incoming invoices, functionally linked to the SAP accounting system and the Autonomy Meridio repository of the archived electronic documents.

Process starts with preparation of the incoming invoices and related documents, then marking them with sticky labels with bar code. After scanning in the Kofax Capture / VRS software, automatic classification and data extraction is performed on KTM (Kofax Transformation Modules). The results of classification and extraction process are reviewed in KTM Document Review module and KTM Validation module in which is possible to correct mistakes of a system and, also, to handle exceptions like poorly scanned or duplicate invoices. After PDF generation, some of extracted data and PDF image of the invoice are exported in Meridio document management system and all of extracted data are exported in SAP system, which eliminates needs of manually typing data. Then, workflow process for processing invoices in the SAP FI module is automatically initialized. Storage of the scanned documents and meta-data in the Meridio system are linked to the SAP system through the Meridio Archive Link module.

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